Building Commissioning

When a building is initially commissioned it undergoes an intensive quality assurance process that begins with the pre-design phase and continues through construction, occupancy, and operations. Building commissioning ensures that the new building operates as the owner intended and that building staff are prepared to operate and maintain building systems and equipment. Building commissioning companies

What Services do 3PL Companies Provide?

3PL, also commonly seen as TPL, stands for ‘third party logistics’. This term applies to companies who provide outsourced logistics services. The features 3PL companies provide include storage facilities, transportation, inventory control, and freight forwarding. All these services are designed to make sure products travel from their source to their final destination in the most

Online marketing trends to watch out for in 2016 – Get a glimpse of the future

The entire online marketing industry is too volatile and complex but it can also be exciting and interesting for someone who keeps himself updated with the modern day trends. Every year, there are some new hardware, new companies, new user preferences which dictate the staggering changes which are usually adopted by the businesses. All those

What can help SMEs in an international expansion?

Running an SME certainly brings along both – the rewards as well as the challenges. In some business sectors however, due to market saturation, it is becoming more and more difficult for business owners to find new, original ways of acquiring customers and consequently growing their revenue. Therefore, in today’s globalising world, targeting foreign markets