Learn How to Choose the Best Suit for Your Body Type

Learn How to Choose the Best Suit for Your Body TypeWhen it is time to pick out a suit, many men fail to consider that not all suit styles are right for their particular body type. The suit creates the silhouette that a man presents, and it is important to pick out one that creates the most flattering silhouette. Fashion conscious men should follow this guide to picking out the perfect suit to fit their body type.

Short and Stocky Men

Short men and stocky men both will do well to consider suit types that will lengthen their bodies. This means picking out a suit that has one or two buttons on the jacket. Fewer buttons on the jacket will help to create a V-shape on the chest that will make it appear longer. It is also a good idea to avoid vents. This will streamline the jacket and slim down the silhouette.

Also, short and stocky men in Australia should consider wearing darker colours. Dark colours help to give the illusion that a person is more slender than they actually are. Vertical stripes also help to achieve this slimming effect. Avoid horizontal stripes. They will make a person appear stockier than they actually are.

Tall Men

Taller men want to take advantage of their tall frames by showing them off. A three button suit is a great style for men who are very tall. This is especially true for tall men who have longer legs. A three button suit will actually help to make the torso appear longer, giving men who are bottom heavy a more balanced look.

Tall men who are slender should get a suit jacket that has no vent to create the most pleasing silhouette. Tall men who are stocky or who have a hefty backside should get a vent or two in the jacket to help minimize their chunkiness.

Thin Men

Thin men want to be sure to use fabrics to their advantage to help add bulk to their bodies. Choosing a thicker, heavier fabric will help to create this impression. Lighter colours also help to make a person appear thicker than they actually are.


After picking out a nice suit with style, you want to wear it as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to be a bold suit wearer. Add fun accessories like sneakers or footy scarves to make a suit work for casual settings. A suit can be as versatile as the imagination of the person who is wearing it.

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