Keeping Your Factory Workers Safe: A Guide

As a factory owner, you have a lot of responsibilities when it comes to health and safety. Accidents in factories are almost twice as common as in offices, which is why it is so important that workplace safety is taken seriously.


If your business is doing well, then you might be feeling pretty good about how things are going at the moment. You’ve built up a reliable customer base, are bringing in a good income and are finally able to start growing your business.


But what you might not be thinking about is workplace safety. As a factory owner, you can’t take your eye off the ball with health and safety, even for a second. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and sometimes, in severe cases, can have lifelong implications.


Don’t ruin your reputation with a serious workplace accident. Don’t be complacent about workplace safety, get compliant and keep your employees safe. Here is our simple guide to factory safety:


Training is key


The best way to keep your employees safe while working is ensuring that they are properly trained in health and safety.


Before any new members of staff start work, it is essential that they have completed a range of training sessions. These sessions should cover everything they need to know, from equipment and safe clothing to using machinery and workplace safety.


Every three months it is also a good idea to hold refresher training classes for staff, reinforcing the health and safety procedures.


Equipment is crucial


The first step to ensuring that the working environment at your factory is safe is making sure that employees have the correct equipment available to use. The appropriate safety wear – goggles, overalls, gloves, etc., should always be available to employees.


Wearing hard hats, overalls and gloves should be mandatory, with management staff enforcing rules about any extra equipment that is needed.


Keep flooring safe


The leading cause of workplace accidents is flooring. To ensure that your factory is as safe as possible, it is a good idea to opt for specialist flooring. Industrial flooring is stronger and less likely to be damaged and become a health hazard, which is what makes it worth the investment.


It is also crucial to ensure that the flooring in your factory is non-slip. Did you know that a high percentage of workplace accidents are caused by employees slipping on a wet floor? That’s why having anti-slip flooring is crucial. As well as implementing anti-slip flooring, if you want to avoid accidents investing in Safety Matting for your factory floors is a must.


Hazards must be carefully disposed of


One of the major health risks for factory employees comes from handling hazardous waste. It is important that any waste that is hazardous is disposed of in accordance with the health and safety rules regarding the disposal of dangerous materials.


To keep your factory environment as safe as possible, it is important to keep up to date with staff training and ensure safety equipment is always available.




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