InventHelp Review: This Company Is The Wind Beneath Inventors’ Wings

It is hard to believe that famous inventions started as nothing more than an idea. Some people assume that inventions only happen in the basement of a genius inventor, but that is not always the case. The truth is that many inventions came about because of a need. A person might want life to be a little simpler, and he or she will come up with an idea to satisfy that desire.

Now, just like other inventors, many people run into problems down the line. They have to figure out how to bring the idea to life. There is a lot to consider, like finding people who would be interested in investing in the invention, which can be hard for someone who has never been involved in this type of endeavor.

This is where InventHelp comes in. This company has been working for inventors since 1984. The company is bent of finding solutions to ensure that entrepreneurs with a winning invention get their products out there with the help of proven tools. Not only is the company connected to many companies in several industries, but they also offer an all-inclusive package full of tools that make it easier for inventors to get their product of the ground.

The company has talented writers and graphic designers on staff that will help present a particular invention to companies. The presentation will include a full and comprehensive write-up about how the product is going to move forward. There is no doubt that these services will make things a little easier for the inventor, which should increase the chances of success. Many times, inventors are strapped for cash, so hiring personnel to help showcase their inventions to companies or at shows can be hard.

Money should not be an obstacle for inventors, at least, not in this early stages. Those who have heard of this company know that InventHelp reviews on building entrepreneurs, which shows just how much care is put in each endeavor. Glassdoor.com, for example, shows that InventHelp has 44 positive reviews with a star rating of 4.7. These are definitely the kind of reviews and rating that should help those considering the company.

No one can ever promise success, but InventHelp might at least make the attempt a little less stressful. Still, it is important to note that no idea is too small, so people should reach for the impossible.

For example, the Perfect Hanger inventor came to InventHelp seeking to fix a problem. This person was tired of ironing out the impressions left by hangers. This is how the Perfect Hanger idea came to fruition. It was obvious to the inventor that a hanger should be adjustable and could be made wider or narrower as needed. The idea was cultivated at InventHelp and professionally showed to companies that might be interested before the idea took off. Apparently, many people wanted a product like this to be made.

Another inventor believed that there should be a smaller option for a fire extinguisher. This person noticed that some people questioned their ability to use a regular fire extinguisher, which could be dangerous during an emergency.

Some fire extinguishers are awkwardly placed, making it hard to get to quickly. Some can be quite heavy, too. This is the reason why the inventor came up with the idea for the Mini Firefighter. The extinguisher was made into a small, compact can. A person can just point toward the fire and spray the Mini Firefighter, making things a lot easier. The substance is foam-like, and it expands more than 30 times once it is sprayed. It is perfect on the go or in small locations like a small office, home, or car. It should be noted that the spray is meant to deal with small fires, meaning you will need to get to safety and call for help for big fires.

Inventions are interesting things, and they can come from anywhere. Barbara Winfield, a retiree, thought she was done with work, but she had a dream. Barbara is an avid baker, and she loves cheesecakes but always noticed a problem when baking cheesecakes. Baking these sweet treats requires the use of a number of pans, which is probably why some people do not even want to go through the trouble. One night she had a dream of a pan designed to accommodate cheesecake making, which is how the Perfect Pan was born.

She was interviewed about her invention, and she pointed out that it was her son who encouraged her to seek help from InventHelp to materialize her idea. She was encouraged by relatives and friends to chase this dream. She emphasized the importance of having positive people around, who will encourage you rather than put you down.

Winfield finally worked up the courage to go to InventHelp and have a consultation about her idea. It was not long before the company had her working with designers to make the idea a reality. This is how the Perfect Pan was born, which helps bake a cheesecake evenly using a little bit of water at the bottom and just one pan.

Clearly, these stories showcase the supportive community that InventHelp has created to help young inventors showcase their ideas. The way that Winfield and some of the other inventors were treated makes it easy to see why InventHelp has been getting so many favorable reviews around the web.

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