How To Recognize Your Employees Achievements And Why

 How To Recognize Your Employees Achievements And WhyIt is very important to make sure that every employee receives praise for doing a good job. Recognizing each employee when they do well helps the employees in a number of ways, including an overall better relationship between employer and employee. There are many unique, yet simple ways to make each employee feel special and let them know that the work they do is appreciated.

One strategy is to design a employee recognition program that fits the culture of the workplace in a way that satisfies the employee. There are plenty of companies that offer these services like, O.C Tanner The key to this program is going to be trust and will establish specific rewards when certain criteria are met by the employee or as a team. Consistency helps to build this trust and recognize achievements within the workplace.

Measurable results are important in the program’s design because it establishes what the employer expects. The employee or team needs to understand what the program needs to accomplish and the types of rewards they will receive when results met. By communicating what the specific rewards are, employees feel happier for people who receive rewards, rather than resentful. For example, one year of perfect attendance could be rewarded with a paid day off. If the employees know of this reward, they will strive to achieve the goal, creating results.

Competition can also be healthy in a workplace environment. Rewards that have a high monetary value, for example, encourage employees to work harder to achieve the goal. If only one high value award is available, they will compete with each other to see who produces the best results. One example is to give the top sales representative of the quarter a monetary bonus or a paid vacation. While a little competition is healthy, bad feelings and conflicts can arise when people get over-obsessed with the competition. Keeping the awards a low, but still desirable value helps to combat these feelings.

Informal recognition is also a good addition to the workplace environment. Informal praise can happen any time and be as simple as saying “good job” when an employee completes a task on time. While a formal system would be based on more measurable results, informal praise adds to the system creating more enhanced results. Encouraging peers to recognize each other’s hard work can also help employees feel appreciated and encourage a team spirit.

Recognition should be formally introduced as well as informally. By offering set rewards for a measurable result, it is more likely that the result will be met. This could be used to encourage employees with a little competition or individually recognizing them for a job well done. With a proper system in place, employees will feel appreciated and work harder to achieve the goals set by the employer.

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