How To Choose A Professional Mover?

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The moving services have generated lot of complaints in recent years that Congress is taking an action of forming a legislation to increase consumer protection. Complaints range from negligence to holding belongings hostage until additional money is paid. So, you always have to make certain you will hire a professional and reliable mover and that you understand the terms of your deal. The following are the things you need to bear in mind;

Make a phone call to a number of moving services, both national and local.

Contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB.org) to view if there are standing complaints against the company. Request for and call all three references to check out the mover’s professionalism and credibility. Select a company with great customer service.

Inquire about the price. Always be vigilant of any conditions that will provoke additional costs, such as moves over a certain distance or goods over a certain weight. Ask what happens if goods are wrecked, and under what conditions is the mover obligated and for how much.

Learn about how packing choices affect the price tag. Like for example, if you pack certain goods yourself, can you save some money? Or pack everything yourself with handheld containers that are delivered to your home. You pack them, and the company transports them to your new home.

If you are moving a long distance, ask about tracking options so that you can find out where your belongings are. Guarantee that they can give an assured delivery date.

Be sure you understand how materials affect costs and that it’s covered in the contract. A lot of consumer’s complaints relate to add-on costs from packing materials including bubble wrap and boxes.

Check if there are special deal offers and inquire if whether it caters auto club or senior discounts.

Set a free on-site estimate if you like their services because often bids change widely. Get several bids to find the best deal.

Go talk with the estimator to suggest any process of moving to ensure the safety of your belongings. You can pin point things that affect access like staircases, steep driveways or small attics, and always be prepared to pay more for complicated moves.

Never forget to sign a contract of agreement that details the cost, pick-up and delivery dates, packing services and mileage, plus policies regarding payment, insurance and guaranteed services. Assure the deal has a customer service number so that if any happens you can contact them right away.

Do not make the final fee until all the items are received and evaluated for damage.

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