Guaranteed Delivery – New Trends In Email Marketing Services UK

Email marketing services UK have existed for as long as people have been able to buy things or make contact with potential business partners and clients through the internet. Originally, email marketing was a simple case of blanket-marketing to any email address that could be found using an intriguing subject header to get attention and then trying to deliver killer copy in the body of the email. These days, marketing via email has become a much more subtle and potentially successful industry as it has moved in step with the evolution of the internet as a whole.


The web has evolved considerably from what it used to be. Modern email marketing services must contend with spam filters and with search engine algorithms capable of making extremely refined decisions about the relevancy of web pages and content.

The biggest evolution on the web has been the rise and rise of social media. These days, social media is so prevalent it is even threatening the existence of conventional email. Businesses are removing email accounts and installing social media style intranet applications instead via which their employees talk amongst themselves and to the world.

The social media have completely changed the way we view the web and what it can do. Key in this change has been the idea that you can only trust people you’ve invited into your social circle. So, when people get recommendations for products and services online, they turn to the members of their social circle, who they believe they can trust to deliver genuinely useful and impartial opinions.

Email marketing services UK are able to use his new habit to their advantage by becoming trusted members of a social circle themselves. This is done by encouraging decision makers in a range of business positions to opt into business information bulletins and useful surveys. The moment the decision maker opts in, he or she receives information emails once a week at a refined time.

This means guaranteed delivery for targeted marketing messages because the bulletin is invited in, rather than sent unannounced. So, the first hurdle of marketing, knowing that your audience is receptive, is effectively crossed.

The next part of the successful advertising event is the take-up. Here, email marketing services UK might stand or fall by the quality of their research, their lead definition and their ability to steer their clients’ marketing in the right way.

For marketing messages to reach the right decision makers within business communities, the people doing the sending have to understand what kinds of messages would be best received by what segments of the opted in community. This means further refining of opt-in email lists according to series of pre-defined criteria.

Most commonly, the opt-in email list is segmented according to market sector, business type and size and job title. Further segmenting criteria such as age, experience and geographic location might be indicated at this stage too.

Once segmentation has been completed, the marketing message can be sent only to people most likely to respond to it.

lead generation company uk have had to learn a new suite of techniques to market in and on the evolved internet.

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