Get Organized: Hire a Document Controller

For an organized office and easy accessibility to important papers and files, hire a document controller. Read this article to know more about the document controller jobs. 

Working in jobs for government offices are a passé. Technology has influenced the lives and created a new segment of job profiles. Being employed until a decade ago was considered to be lucky. Today the tech advantage has helped curb the unemployment phase and given jobs to millions. IT jobs, technical and non-technical has created many opportunities for all age groups and a variety of skill sets. From online writing jobs to calling jobs and from software development jobs to project manager jobs, a wide range of jobs are available to candidates.

The invasion of technology in the job sector has created an interesting profile. Many companies post requirements for Document Controller Jobs. The name hints at the job type but many are still not clear about the exact role of this job.

Document Controller is a person who manages and maintains documents for a particular client or project or for an organization. The person is responsible for storing all the documents  and making them easily accessible to concerned person or persons.  As a document controller, the person is require maintaining the records in form of files, blueprints, drawings, soft copies and hand written documents. The person requires handling documents of one or various departments together.

Jobs for document controller are available in big companies, public sector organizations, industries or even in NGOs.  As a document controller, the person requires to perform certain tasks.

Important Tasks

First, he requires coordinating all activities related to the Document Control process. All types of documents such as technical documents, drawings, and commercial correspondence requires to be arranged.

Second, maintaining registers and inputting data on regular basis is another job duty in a document control job. Ensuring that information is correct and up-to-date is very important.

Another task of a document controller is to type the site documents. Depending on the requirement of the client or organization, follow up the requirements.

It is very important task for the document controller to approve copies of important documents required to circulate within the organization or to external sources. Many organization such s engineering companies circulate drawings to staff, subcontractors and suppliers. The role of the document controller is to approve the latest drawings and distribute it clearly.

Keeping the documents in safe hands is very essential. Under safe custody without any deterioration or damage and yet finding it easily.

Handling the backlogs if any and updating the files when required.

How to get Jobs as a Document Controller?

Many after reading this will be interested in doing this job. To get this job, a vocational diploma or certificate from a reputed technical institute is essential.

Many employers prefer at least 3 years of work experience in office work mostly in handling documentation and file handling. To work for engineering companies, it is preferred if the candidate has an engineering background like Civil, Mechanical or Electrical.

Skills Required:

  • Candidates’ knowledge about spreadsheets, database, and word processing is essential in the technogy drive work environment.
  • The ability  to clearly and accurately maintain records
  • Advanced computer skills and rapidly get data and retrieve records and information when asked
  • Good Communication skills

This is a standard requirement for candidates working in such jobs or searching for these openings. Depending on the company, the job profile changes. Salaries in these jobs depend on skill and work experiences.

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