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No client business wants to have doubts about its recruitment solutions provider. Executive recruitment at any level is a service designed to give the client company an advantage over its competitors by finding the best talent for a role or (as the trend seems increasingly to be) by getting the most talented people to associate with the client’s brand.

APSCo is one of the agencies’ regulators or professional bodies, an organisation dedicated to ensuring that all recruitment service provision is done to the highest possible standards. The initials stand for the Association of Professional Staffing Companies; all businesses, in other words, with a professional interest in providing staffing and HR services to third party clients.


Membership and Codes of Conduct

It encourages its members to adhere to a code of conduct, which is applied variously to the three levels of membership available from the Association. From affiliate to full member, businesses associated with them are encouraged to strive for excellence, providing honest and reliable service and managing their own processes in accordance with regulatory guidance.

Adhering to a code of conduct, of course, becomes advertising for the member company – prided that that code of conduct is known and recognised in the wider industry. Organisations like this must rely on their own good reputation, to ensure that their member companies become well-reputed by the associated ones. The idea with all associations of this nature is that affiliation becomes an endorsement of quality for your own customers.

Regulation Advice

APSCo is one of a number of professional bodies for the UK recruitment and staffing industry, which gives regulatory advice to its members. The rules governing HR, recruitment and other human resources are frequently changing, particularly, with respect to health and safety, tax and working time directives.

For a member to keep on top of all regulatory clients on its own would be possible, of course, but where a body provides assistance and advice it can be much easier (and therefore, much less time consuming) to achieve full compliance.

Bodies like this exist to educate their members into the current requirements of statutes and the law and to show them how best to comply in any given situation. Members are encouraged to get information from the representatives if they need to know how to address a certain situation and might also be given legal advice in situations where non-compliance (accidental, usually) has caused a problem.

Protection in Numbers

Like all professional organisations, the core idea behind APSCo is that many are better than few. From the point of view of a member, this can be extrapolated as the concept of safety in numbers.

Large professional organisations can fund themselves through subscription and fundraising, which means that their member companies are able to take advantage of the resources of a large organisation without being one themselves. This is true in the potential legal advice scenario sketched out above and it’s also true when it comes to getting the latest information about industry developments and technologies.

The more people you have access to, the more knowledge you can accrue.

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