Doing Your SEO vs. Hiring a Professional Local SEO Company: Which One is a Better Option?

There are many business owners who are dead against the idea of hiring local SEO company. Their grudge against such companies lies in the fact that most of them take help of black hat SEO techniques. But its not that all the SEO companies are fraud and albeit the fact there are number of free SEO tools and tactics, but making it big on the search engine result pages will take a good amount of time and hard work on your part. So here are some pros and cons of both availing the services of a local SEO company and handling the SEO on your own:

Doing your own SEO:


1. There are many SEO tools that come free and there are sufficient numbers of SEO manuals available on the web. This enables you take care of the local SEO of your business, although it will cost you a substantial amount of time.

2. Doing your own SEO will be a good learning experience for you. Learning the technicalities of this business will be advantageous for you and your enterprise, at a later stage.
Cons :
1.Doing your own SEO can prove to be very time-consuming and challenging. Attaining the top spot on the search results of Google and other search engines is not a matter of magic and calls for lot diligence and hard work on your part.
2.The informations available on the web about SEO can be highly misleading and if you do not have any comprehensive idea about which sources to trust, you could end up creating a mess of your whole SEO campaign, wasting time and effort in the process
3. Doing the SEO on your own will keep your hands full because it is a full- time job. Successful SEO demands long-term planning and it is a huge responsibility too. This job calls for lot of research, repetition and it gets more and more complex, as times passes.
4. Construction of a good website or landing page can cost a fortune. One has to cover the expenses for copy writing, web hosting, design and optimization.
Local SEO company:
Pros :
1. Serious and time-consuming businesses like SEO are better left to the experts to be executed. Successful SEO campaign needs lot of planning and painstaking efforts which can be done much more efficiently by the local SEO companies who possess necessary tools, knowledge and expertise to handle such a big-responsibility job. All you can do is to finance the SEO project, leaving the majority of worries and stress to the professionals.
2. You can expect to see quicker results if you leave the SEO job to the local SEO company. SEO companies are formed with the sole purpose of doing Internet marketing and search engine optimization for your kind of business owners, so they are already in possession of necessary tools and strategies to roll their sleeves and get down to the business. They do not need to master the art of SEO which you have to do before getting started. As they are the experts of that particular field, they already know the tricks and have necessary connections to enable your company rank within a short period.
3. The world of Internet marketing is in the process of constant evolution. To keep oneself abreast with the changing world of SEO is a tough job in itself. The fickle-minded search engines are always altering their algorithms and as the owner of an enterprise, it would be difficult for you to keep an eye on the performances of your employees, business centers, customers and the constantly changing world of Internet marketing. To do all these things by yourself is not humanly possible. So it would be a wise decision to leave this business to the care of the SEO experts.


1. There are numerous SEO companies in the market who are no better than scamsters. These companies employ a number of dishonest and manipulative SEO techniques into ply, so you must be very cautious while making a settlement with a SEO company to avoid getting black-listed by Google or spending money on unfruitful projects. Make sure to do a thorough research on the company’s previous works before striking a deal with them.
2. Remember that good SEO services are pretty expensive. Assistance from a good local SEO company will cost you a large lump sum. But if your company woks hard and make your company feature on the first page of the search results, then you can be certain that their service is worth the money.

In the final note, it can be added, after weighing the pros and cons of both possibilities, that it would be better for you to leave the SEO to the professionals. Though you can do your own SEO, but your lack of experience can create just the opposite effect of the desired one, by hurting the promotion of your business online.

Bruce Hoffman is a SEO analyst who writes comprehensively about the various aspects of SEO business. He also gives us some useful tips about how to hire the best local SEO company.

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