Creating a Plan to Get Maximum Exposure for Your Book

Self PublishedIf you have written a book, congratulations. This is an accomplishment that few people ever achieve. Most writers think that when the book is finished, the work is done. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now that your book is published, you have to get the word out about it. By following a few steps to getting your book recognized, you will enjoy great press and worldwide recognition of your work.


Start With a Press Plan


Outline the exact strategy you want to use to promote your book. Decide whether you will sell your book at book fairs and sales, or whether you will stick to online sales. Create a list of press contacts and key players who can help push your book. Target the publications where you want to receive book mentions. These are all critical points that must be planned out before you start to see real success in promoting your book.


Create Your Promotional Materials


Now that you have targeted your media contacts, you need to put together a press kit. At the bare minimum you will need a press release, author bio and book excerpt. You should also include a list of any book mentions or positive press that you have already received. Use a printing company like smartpress.com booklet printing to print your materials.


Develop an Online Presence


Once you have created your press kit, you will need to get a website up and running. Your site doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It simply needs to convey information about your book and include ways to contact you. Encourage your readers to share information about your book by including ways for them to link your site to social media sites.


Create Your Elevator Pitch


Now that you have gotten people talking about your book, it’s your turn to start talking. Create a 30-second sound byte that tells people exactly what your book is about. Make it catchy and entice your readers to want to get into the meat of your writing and actually read your book.


Talk About Your Book


This may seem obvious, but you need to talk about your book at every possible opportunity. If your book is a non-fiction work, offer to speak for free on your topic. Discuss your book with everyone you meet.


Keep the Ball Rolling


Once you have put these measures in place to promote your book, you have to keep the momentum going. Keep your name in the public eye by doing frequent speaking engagements and updating your website.


Promoting your book is key to getting the recognition you desire. Use these tips to sell your book today.

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