Buying a new home? Choose wisely!

The purchase of a new home is among the most important steps that a person takes and it is something that is done only once or twice in the lifetime of the regular individual. This is not an easy decision to make either. The future owner should consider several important factors, before making a decision and picking one of the available properties – be it an apartment or a house. In order to save one’s time and energy, that person has to think about the important things in advance and even make a list with the things that he or she will not go without. These factors could be the location, the overall look and atmosphere of the property, the disposition of the rooms and of course, the price. There are things that the future owner might wish to consider or go without, but there are certain things that one will not accept. These things are different for the different individual and they depend on one’s likes.


Buying a new home or an apartment in Riga is as hard as finding a new partner. And the older and wiser you get, the more difficult it becomes. Usually, the emotions play an important role when making these decisions, but the buyers should be aware of a few factors. Before picking the first property you see, you need to think through and go to several viewings prior to making a decision. After all you intend to live there for quite some time and you need to be sure about every little detail. So, think carefully about the property, about the location, the infrastructure and even the neighbors. Sometimes, it helps if you talk with those neighbors. They will tell you about some aspects of living in the area that you will otherwise not consider. These could be quite good things to mention, or on the contrary – bad things to consider, but they will help you make up your mind about a certain property and take the right decision. You should also check the window joinery, the angles, the plaster, everything that you could think of.


When going on viewings with the real estate agents, you have to think about several details – the quality of the construction and the quality of the construction materials, the finishing works, the hidden pitfalls, the furniture that will be left or not. In case that you are going for a property in an off-plan complex, you have to investigate the building company. It will help a lot if you go to other construction sites of the same developer and if you inspect the papers of that developer to make sure that the company will not bankrupt before they complete the construction. Of course, this is not always possible, but if you need to, you can hire a good lawyer for the paper work. In this way you will have a good preliminary contract and you will have your rights and the money invested – protected. Click here to get more information.

About the author: Nelly is a young real estate agent and she likes to research the possibilities for deals on buying homes and apartments. Nelly is quite happy with her Apartment in New york and she gives advices to all her friends on what to look for and to be careful about.

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