Bonworth and how to dress if you are petite

Bonworth, Americas favorite Mother-Daughter store want anyone of any shape, size or height to BeBonworthBeautiful. Their great ethics and morals and their COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar want every woman to feel welcome, at home and able to dress well from their outlet stores including the one in Henderson, North Carolina. Bonworth do not just take care to keep their prices low and to also arrange several sales and promotional events, they also want all of their customers to be

Bonworth Henderson NC are very successful at this and this is highlighted in the positive ratings and reviews and five star comments and ratings that they get on online sites.

So Bonworth one of the best outlet stores in the US, with a massive workforce of mainly women, also pays attention to detail for its customers including the petite ones. They are aware of the rules just like style icons such as Isla Fisher or Eva Longoria.

Straight trousers are a must for those with the petite frame as they make your legs look longer. Also too much fuss cannot be carried off well, if you do not have enough frame to support it so keep ruffles and chunky accessories to a minimum, definitely do not have more than one of these at a time.

If you are petite you should avoid materials that will swamp your frame such as chiffon, velvet and georgette as they will make you look smaller. Bonworth are aware of this and they will look to stock products that are made of much more flattering materials. A fitted blazer will always look great if you are petite.

When choosing a handbag do not go for a oversized one, even if this is the fashion as this will again swamp you and will detract from the rest of your outfit.

Some staples for the petite customer a v neck scoop blouse, a pair of heels in a nude or cream colour and a go to blazer.

On the other hand you need to avoid busy prints, larger flowery patterns which will all make you look even smaller than you are. When Bonworth are choosing their stock for their stores including the outlet store in Henderson North Carolina they will take into account and be aware of what will suit their clients. They want all of their clients to feel happy and empowered after a visit to their store. They want them to feel a million dollars when they head out in their new outfits; they want to encourage their clients to think Bonworth for future purchases and to become regular clients. With the good value products that you get at a Bonworth store, it is a distinct possibility that you could pop in and get an outfit on a regular basis.

The attention to detail, excellent products and amazing prices ensure that Bonworth Henderson receives first class reviews and five star ratings online and remains one of the best outlet stores in the US.





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