A Beginner’s Guide To Exhibition Success

Raising your company’s profile is the key to success when it comes to business growth. The best way to build up a successful business is by getting out there, networking and getting your company known. And while there are plenty of ways you can do this, one of the best options is attending a trade show or exhibition.


With the high costs of attending an exhibition, whether or not to exhibit can be a big decision. However, in terms of helping to raise your company’s profile, exhibiting is more than worth the money, time and effort.


Of course, if it is your first time exhibiting, attending a trade event can be a somewhat daunting concept. However, if you take the time to plan in advance and properly prepare, the experience can be an incredibly beneficial one.


If you are going to be spending a large sum of money attending a trade event, it is crucial that it is a success. To help you ensure that your first exhibition is as successful and worthwhile as possible, here are a few useful tips:


Research is crucial


You might be thinking, ‘Why do I need to research, it’s only a trade show?’, but believe us on this, research is essential. Before spending your hard earned cash on booking a pitch at a certain exhibition or show, always do adequate research.


Aim to find out how successful the show is, who exhibits there and whether any companies have pulled out in recent years. This will give you an idea of how good the event is, and whether it is worth the time and money.


Start planning early

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Most regular exhibitors begin their pre-event planning at least six months beforehand, aim to do the same. Come up with a plan for the event, including how you will market yourself, what products you will market, and how to make your stand interesting.


Get a custom designed exhibition stand


Think about the type of exhibition stand you will use, it might not seem like something that needs to be planned in advance, but it does. Unless you want to end up stuck with a table to display your products on, planning the type of stand you want is a must.


The best way to ensure that your exhibition display stands out from the crowd is by getting your stand custom made by the Finesse Group. Having a custom made stand means that you can choose exactly how you want your display to look, and can find ways to make it stand out.


Know your goals and objectives


Instead of just going along to the exhibition with a vague idea of what your aims are, sit down and come up with a list of goals and objectives. Ask yourself what the aim of the event is, who you want to network with, and how many new clients you want to get.


If you attend the event with a clear idea of what you want to get out of it and ideas for how you can reach those goals, you will be more successful.


While attending your first exhibition can be daunting, as long as you prepare in advance and know what your goals are, you will be fine.








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