5 Most Important Reasons to Replace Your Car Tyres

The condition of your tyres when driving on the road is really important. Some people don’t realise just how much the condition of the tyres on their car have on their driving ability and their safety on the road. Most people won’t know if their tyres are beginning to wear or become bald. However you should have some indication based on how long ago they were replaced and the amount of driving that has been done. You can simply check your tyre pressure and tread on your tyres to gauge some indication of their safety and condition. Here are 5 of the most important reasons why you should replace your tyres when they have become worn or bald.

Increase Your Safety

The safety of the passengers in your car and other motorists on the road heavily relies on the condition of your tyres, and your general driving sense of course. If your tyres have become worn or bald, your car will have less grip on the road and won’t stick as much when turning or manoeuvring during general driving activities. This will cause your car to be a liability on the road.

Increase Traction

The more tread your tyres have (you’ll notice when you have brand new tyres), the more traction and control you will have of your vehicle. Bald tyres have minimal traction on the road and cause the car to slide or become relatively unstable, especially in wet conditions. More tread leads to more traction, ultimately leading to more control of your car. Having complete control of your car in any conditions is the most important thing.

Better Handling

Brand new tyres are great because your car will handle so much better. You won’t realise just how much better your car handles until you have replaced your old tyres. It will drive much smoother, handle better around corners and stick to the road much more effectively. This also increases the safety of every motorist and passenger on the road.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Driving around on worn or bald tyres will make your car a much bumpier drive. This will eventually lead to a more uncomfortable drive and will contribute heavily to the wear and tear on your car. As new tyres will increase the handling and traction of your car, this will also result in a smoother drive. You won’t feel as many bumps or cracks in the road as the rubber and tread on your new tyres will reduce the impact.

Overall Comfort

With all the pros of replacing your tyres, one fundamental aspect that this will create, is simply overall comfort. With increased handling, traction and feeling less bumps on the road, this will ultimately increase the general comfort and driving experience.

These are the most important reasons for replacing any bald, worn or faulty tyres on your car. You may need to only replace or upgrade an individual tyre that may be flat or punctured. Regardless, it is important to always ensure your tyres are of a legal and road worthy standard.

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