5 Gift Ideas for the Young Professional

5 Gift Ideas for the Young ProfessionalSomeone just starting out in the workplace is still crafting his or her image and fitting into a new lifestyle. Gifts for the young business professional should reflect who they are becoming, without being patronizing. At this stage, most Australian 20-somethings know how to dress themselves and don’t want someone else buying their ties or dress shirts. Something personal or custom, high class and thoughtful, will acknowledge their new station with grace.

Laptop Case
A good laptop case is a must for any professional. These days, a laptop case doubles as a briefcase and even a day pack for many workers. It should be black or brown leather and have room for a laptop as well as folders and other meeting essentials. A plain but classic style leaves room for keyrings, custom straps, or other modifications without looking overdone.

Travel Emergency Kit
This should be small enough to fit in the laptop case, but contain everything needed to get presentable fast. Be realistic; most people will never use a sewing kit and leaving it out saves on space. Instead include things like a razor, concealer, and a small bottle of hair gel.

Travel is more and more common for people in every job class, whether it is across the ocean or just a long commute. With Sydney commutes averaging more than 71 minutes, and Melbourne not far behind, a good set of noise-cancelling headphones can make the difference between walking into work already annoyed, or starting fresh and energized each morning.

Custom Keyring
When people think of keyrings custom usually just brings to mind vacation trinkets. But a nice stainless steel keyring can look very professional. Keyrings customized for a person’s job, car, or special interest can make a statement as well as open up conversation. A business professional can’t shove keys in his or her pockets anymore, nor clip them to a back belt loop. A custom keyring can be easily clipped to a laptop case or briefcase so that it’s never lost.

A good bottle of whiskey, scotch, or other high class alcohol makes a great congratulation present. For people who would feel uncomfortable with such a serious present as a briefcase, or who don’t know what the recipient already owns, a bottle of alcohol is never wrong. A good whiskey acknowledges that the professional is respected, but also pokes fun at the idea of being too serious. It is a great gift from friend to friend.

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