3 Ways To Build A Successful Sales Pitch



The brightest individual with the best product available still needs to have the perfect sales pitch to match your capabilities. You don’t want to lose sales.  The pitch can make or break the sale, it’ challenging. Thinking of where to start can seem almost impossible. Where do you start and how do you approach the prospect? The following article lists three key things to consider when creating your sales pitch. Never lose a prospective client again.



Research, development and planning are what it takes to come up with the perfect sales pitch. If you are well planned you can eliminate any objections before they occur. Have your business card readily available too; card printing services are cheaper than you think. Your questions should lead to some form of commitment and overcome objections. You need to be confident; the best way to insure that you are feeling ready to take on anything is to be prepared.  You should not only be researching what you’re selling but also potential clients. Know who they are and what they want. You need to be able to work around them, work around their schedule and interests. Don’t waste their time, use their time wisely.


Product Knowledge

Know about your product and its benefits.  This will give you bullet proof confidence; you’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.  It will help you handle objections effectively and not let the sale just slip away. Stay in control. This can be done well by handling objections very well and reassuring the prospect with solid facts but you cannot do this when you are totally clueless about your own services or products. Never lie either, don’t treat your customer as if they are clueless. They are interested in purchasing the product therefore it is more likely they’ve done their research. Be there to assist them in making a great purchasing decision not a mistake. This will build a positive reputation.


Be Upfront

Be upfront about what you want. Set objectives.  You need to have goals otherwise nothing will be achieved.  For example if it is a sales call, set the time you would like to spend on the call, who exactly you would like to speak to, why them in particular, what you have to offer and your desired outcome. Your desired outcome could be closing the deal over the phone, arranging for a meeting, getting an email address etc. Get to the point and stick to it. Small talk is a common courtesy but don’t let it linger on. You’re there to talk business. The best thing is to be professional and on target, don’t beat around the bush. You’re both there with a purpose.


Written by Emma Jane

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